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Checkra1n jailbreak has been released

Checkra1n jailbreak and checkm8 jailbreak exploit were swirling around the jailbreak community past week and now on a stable position. Checkra1n jailbreak has been released finally after a long waiting.  This is still in beta stages but anyway users can download this checkra1n jailbreak beta version. What to expect in these beta jailbreak tools are […]

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iOS 13Jailbreak

iOS 13.2 checkra1n Jailbreak by Qwertyoruiopz

Most of you who possess an iPad, iPhone or other Apple products have heard the term ‘Jailbreak’ .  You may also have tried jailbreak which means making your device capable of installing customizable third-party applications. Although it’s legal, Apple doesn’t want you to do that because they hope to control the user experience and make […]

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Checkra1niOS 13

Checkra1n Jailbreak latest update

Checkra1n Jailbreak is the latest jailbreak tool in the jailbreak community. At the moment of this article written, no public release for checkra1n jailbreak has been announced. But it is quite certain that it will be released soon when considering the latest updates. Checkra1n jailbreak latest status update reveals that the jailbreak tool will be […]

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